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Get it off your desk

Simply stated because you want a dispute resolved quickly and in a way that preserves relationships so that you can all get on with your lives.  

Litigation, arbitration and tribunals are expensive and, no matter how convinced you are of your position, outcomes are ultimately uncertain. Meanwhile, time and relationships are spoiling. Mediation, relative to the alternatives, are very quick. After some preparations they can conclude in a single day.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that allows you far more control. You will be actively encouraged to input to solutions that work for you. A mediator will help you explore the issues most important to you, identify barriers and uncover opportunities for creative resolution. It is completely voluntary, exploratory and nothing is binding until a settlement is reached, agreed and signed. 

A mediator will not take sides or judge. They will facilitate the discussion, help the exchange of information, challenge and test your decisions in a safe and creative environment.

Finally, they are confidential on multiple levels. The mediation itself and any discussion between you and the mediator is confidential unless you expressly request that it is shared.

So mediation is a safe, creative environment designed to allow you to explore possibilities and resolutions. It’s also non-binding so will not undermine further action should you wish. Though mediation is often an opportunity to put all that behind you and move on.

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