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Essential Customer Success+

  •  Capture and share customer value

  • Assess relationship quality

  • Quantify adoption

  • Ensure accounts are organised

  • Keep track of growth opportunities

The Definitive Customer Success Solution

The definitive solution for Customer Success Managers. Manage and monitor your portfolio of customers. Ensure everyone understands the value your customer receives. Measure the quality of each relationships. Monitor adoption levels. Track growth opportunities.

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Thursday, 28 Dec 2023 10_16_25.png

Understand Your Customer from Every Perspective

Capture the customers business outcome, the quality of relationships, the levels of adoption, the opportunities for expansion, and how well organised you have been with your operational and business meetings.


Start with Notion

Essential Customer Success+ is a Notion template. Notion is a connected workspace where you create documents, take notes, manage tasks, and organize your life’s work—all in one place. Tens of thousands of teams around the world use it to collaborate, stay informed, and get more done together.

Notion with the Essential Customer Success + template is the definitive Customer Success solution.

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